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About Thrive

Thrive Housing Services provides a safe and affordable, drug and alcohol-free living environment for person(s) who are seeking to live a self-reliant and productive lifestyle. Whether this is your first time on your own or you are beginning a new chapter of your life, Thrive Housing Services offers a mature and stable atmosphere you can be proud to call your own.

We work with males, females, and families!

Our Mission

Our Executive Director
Dee Allen

Our History

Thrive Housing Services first opened in 2014 with 10 affordable transitional housing units. Since its opening, the program has expanded to provide transitional and permanent supportive housing services, programs that assist with life skills and case management services. Thrive Housing Services has adapted the Foyer Movement which started in Europe in the 1950s, providing young people with a place to stay and job training. Our Housing Service is the first model to offer three different types of the Foyer Model: a youth program, a young adult program and a program for adults and seniors. Within the last year, 92% of Thrive tenants have been successful in their path to permanent housing and living a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Our Mission

Thrive is committed to meeting the needs of eligible transitioning youth and their families through a network of supportive outreach, crisis and case management services. Our agency works in collaboration with a wide range of community and faith-based organizations dedicated to supporting youth, individuals, and families as they transition to independent living in the community. Our mission consists of three main objectives: Promote and support family connections; Encourage positive daily living in a safe home environment; Provide fundamental life skills that inspire youth to achieve their goals.

Our Vision

Thrive strives to fulfill its mission by alleviating adversities faced by transitioning youth. We work in partnership with youth in need of support to overcome the challenges that have limited their success. Thrive offers an environment where individuals and families can address issues that may have contributed to their present situation, while learning the skills necessary to support themselves in the community.  

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