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Become A Resident

We take pride in our management and inventory of properties in the community. We actively seek good residents to make their homes with us, and strive to provide the best service we possibly can while you live in the properties we manage.


We screen our applicants very carefully and we completely verify all information provided to us on the rental application you complete. We can run a Credit Report, verify employment, and check previous rental and eviction history. Criminal records must be documented. If an arrest record exists within five years, it is up to the applicant to provide written verification from the proper authorities as to the final disposition of the incident or that the case was dropped.

Please follow the instructions below to be considered for housing through our agency:


1. Gather your application documents. We will need a copy of your state ID, driver's license, or school ID as well as your most recent pay stubs, if you are employed.


2.Click the "Apply Now" button below to complete the online application and upload your documents.


3. After the submission of your completed application, your information will be reviewed and a decision will be made within 5-7 business days.

Moving House
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