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Family Viewing House

Family Housing Program

The Family Housing Program is for single parents and families who need assistance in finding suitable and stable housing within their budget. We provide services to single parents and families that may otherwise not qualify for housing.

Housing is the core of family stability. Families who are unable to secure affordable housing are often forced to move frequently or become homeless. Such moves can destabilize families, interrupt work and school schedules, and jeopardize employment

and learning. Research and field work have demonstrated the importance of securing housing first before people are willing to pay serious attention to non-housing issues. The lack of stable housing is the chief deterrent to living independently. Once homeless, families face major hurdles – keeping families together, keeping children healthy and in school, and retaining employment. There is a clear link between work, housing, and family stability. Our Family Program is designed to help stabilize the lives of families by helping them to secure safe and affordable housing.


The program is designed to connect families with permanent housing while supporting them in developing the skills needed to increase self-sufficiency and stability. We guide and support families as they transition into their new home to ensure a successful transition.

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